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Here is some basic information you may want to know. For additional information please email us at:

Erin Parrish, President


Amy Sherrill, Vice President

How do I sign my child up to participate with Greenbrier Pop Warner?
There are a couple of options if you are interested in signing your child up for GPW…

  1. Attend an in-person Meet/Greet event and we can assist you with registration online.

  2. Register online when it opens.  All forms can be accessed and payment of registration fee are processed through the Sports Connect website.


Is the registration process the same for both football & cheer?

   1.  Birth certificate (must verify original copy)
   2.  2022 Player Contract 

   3.  Copy of child’s FINAL 2021/22 report card (Showing the home address)
   4.  2022 Physical form on Pop Warner Form (No copies, must have originals)

   5.  Registration fee

   6.  2022 Kindergarten exemption (ONLY for 5 year old participants coming into the new school year)


How do I know which association my child is zoned to participate with?
East Georgia Pop Warner (EGPW) uses the same districts zones that correspond with the high schools in each county. Whichever high school your child is zoned for will be the Pop Warner Association that your child MUST play for. There are a few high school districts that do not have active Pop Warner programs; those are considered open zones. The nearest Pop Warner Association will be determined by EGPW. 

To find out if you are zoned for Greenbrier High School visit Columbia County BOE School Zone website; Courtesy list of subdivisions by school zones or call Columbia County BOE, 706-541-2723 ext. 5203.

You can also click on Columbia County School Bus Route, 
Columbia County Schools Transportation

Can my child participate with an association they are not zoned for?
Registration of a football player/cheerleader can only be made at the association they are zoned for (unless they live in a high school district which does not have a Pop Warner program). Waivers must be granted by East Georgia Pop Warner.


Does Pop Warner require its participants to try out?
NO TRYOUTS! – Pop Warner programs are not permitted to hold tryouts.

How do I know what division to register my football player/cheerleader for?
Sports Connect uses your child's birthday to place them in the appropriate group. It is IMPORTANT that this information be entered correctly!

What is the cut-off date for the participants age determination?
JULY 31st of the current year

How much does it cost to register my child with Greenbrier Pop Warner?
$190 for FOOTBALL 

What is included in the registration fee?


  • Game Jersey

  • Game Pants

  • Socks

  • Decal for Helmet

  • Use of GMS practice fields on practice day 

  • Use of GHS game field on gameday

  • Pop Warner requires we carry secondary insurance for all children that participate

Cheer & Dance:  

  • Uniform for the season (Custom Fitted Uniforms are ordered each year for girls to include a shell, skirt and bloomers)

  • Cheer Bow

  • Use of GMS practice fields on practice day

  • Use of GHS game field on gameday

  • Pop Warner requires we carry secondary insurance for all children that participate

What additional supplies/equipment am I responsible for getting for my child? 

FOOTBALL PLAYERS:                                                                                 

  • White Football Helmet

  • Football Cleats (NON-Metal)

  • Practice clothing 

  • Shoulder Pads

  • Tethered mouth piece (must be colored-NOT CLEAR-and have a tether/strap from the face-mask to the mouth piece)

  • Spare mouth piece (Just to be on the safe side as they are unable to play/practice without one)

  • Equipment bag for game gear (optional)

  • Water jug (LARGE for practice)

  • Chin strap

  • Athletic supporter/compression shorts


  • GREEN GPW Cheer Pack Jacket

  • Cheerleading shoes (required shoe style will be communicated to squads each season)

  • Cheer socks

  • Water jug

  • Practice Uniform

(The following is suggested practice attire: Cotton shorts without pockets (Soffee shorts work best), t-shirt, cheer shoes)

NOTE: Cheer Competition Fees are also an additional cost for parents (for Mitey Mite, Jr. PeeWee and PeeWee Squads). This will be discussed with those teams with a fee breakdown and schedule. 

What is the refund policy for Greenbrier Pop Warner?
You may request a full refund (minus the Sports Connect fee) if uniforms have not been ordered. Once uniforms have been ordered a partial refund, minus the uniform cost, will be issued. Refunds will not be issued after the first practice. 

When does the season start?
August 1st. The first two weeks are conditioning and must be attended! The first week will be shorts (light dress) and helmets. 

How often is practice? Are there rules pertaining to time practiced?
The first two weeks of practice is reserved for conditioning for both football and cheer. No contact/stunting is permitted during the conditioning week and this time is used to exercise and begin evaluations on the kids.  IT IS MANDATORY FOR CHILDREN TO ATTEND THIS FIRST TWO WEEKS AS THEY MUST LOG CONDITIONING HOURS OUT OF EQUIPMENT BEFORE THEY ARE PERMITTED TO PRACTICE IN FULL PADS (MAKE CONTACT) IN FOOTBALL OR TO STUNT IN CHEERLEADING.

From the end of conditioning until Labor Day teams can practice in pads for 10 hours per week. After Labor Day teams are allowed to practice 6 hours per week. Cheerleading practices typically average the same hours per week as football. This is directly up to each coaches discretion. 

Is it really necessary for my child to attend every practice?
It is your responsibility to have your child to games and practices on time. Arrival times for games and practices will be set by coaches, and will be strictly enforced. GPW rules state that a participant MUST ATTEND NO LESS THAN 2 practices per week to play/cheer on game-day (weather permitting). Practices are important for the growth and development of the team; it is hard for your child to grow and develop if they are not present. Time taken by coaching staff to bring participants who have missed practice up to speed, is time that the rest of the team misses out on development.

What if my child cannot attend practice? 
We understand that life happens. Should unforeseen circumstances arise, contact your child’s coach and let them know ASAP.

Is there a cheer competition?
Yes, in addition to preparing cheers for football games, cheerleaders will also prepare for the East Georgia Local Competition, in October. All cheer squads will showcase their routine to family and friends. Here, they compete and the 1st & 2nd place teams qualify to compete at the Regional competition. This competition is for Mitey Mite, Jr. PeeWee and PeeWee girls and is held Thanksgiving weekend in Orlando, Florida. 


Is it safe for my child to participate with Pop Warner?
Pop Warner has a long history of providing a safe environment for all of our members. Kids compete with kids of similar age and size. Pop Warner is the ONLY youth football program (local, regional and national) that sets and enforces a strict Age & Weight Matrix that reduces the risk and reality of injuries. Datalys Institute’s research data show that Pop Warner Rules and Heads-Up Football Training result in injury rate that has 87% fewer injuries than non-Heads-Up/non Pop Warner programs.  As with any contact sport, injuries may occur.

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